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Child Labour & Child Right

Education for all children

Education is one of our priorities. In particular children are the main focus from infancy by imparting pre-primary/primary even Non Formal education to rural disadvantaged children. The technique is followed as per Loreto Day School, Sealdah style –the [play way education.

 We not only work for the Child Development Centres for future prospect but also ensuring this entry point to attend large issues of the society. Our teachers have developed hearty relation with the local community and our centres. They arrange monthly meetings with the mothers and other programmes. The responsibility of imparting education is rest on a group of teachers who received training from Loreto Day School through Montessori Teaching Method which help them to develop upto date teaching skill.

 Mother meetings:

Monthly Mother Meeting with the mothers of the EAC (Education to All Children) children is very important step in running the EAC’s. Through the observance of Mothers Day our teachers communicate with the local women on health and medical care, food and nutrition, problems of gender issues, family planning, cleanliness, kitchen garden, discipline, medicinal plant, safe drinking water, child education, monthly contribution of the family for all round development of their own families. Mothers are encouraged to attend such meetings to make them understand that they belong to our parts of our EACs.

 Home visits

The main purpose of the visits is to ensure regular attendance of the children to the school and to have personal interaction with the mothers to share their family problems, health improvement of the family members, child education, pals polio, vitamin – A, child care cleanliness etc.


Annual Sport

Games and sports are important part of children. So, in an ideal school, there is not only the course of studies but also arrangement for games and sports. It helps the student in keeping good health. So, every year we organize annual sports for our EAC student.

 Over 1500 children are benefiting through the various schooling and educational centers, with about 30 centers in operation in the districts of Howrah, as well as the tribal villages of Alipur Duar, (North Bengal tribal project) Jalpaiguri district in West Bengal.



Child Labor & Child rights

During running the child labour education programme we observe that this system originates from childhood. It is a continuous process of becoming child labours who are migrant workers, as the babies roam and stay with their parents who themselves are migrant labours. These small children have no schooling opportunity due to migrating places for searching jobs. This process has been repeated generation after generation leaving poor tribal community helpless. To prevent this system we resort to an innovative educational system for migrant babies/children education. At present we are running 4 schools involving babies of women labours of three brick fields. These schools are being sponsored by Loreto Day School, Sealdah. But it is too meagre in comparison with the actual need because there are already 465 brick kilns are already existing with thousands of labourers in Howrah districts.


At present we are working in the brick fields areas located in Bally, Shyampur – I and  II Block of Howrah district. But there are many brickfields where thousands of migrant workers mostly belong to tribal community are working at a low wage. It is a seasonal employment opportunity who leave home with their babies and children having least opportunity of their schooling facility. A labour class is thus generated generations who cannot change their social class but remain like slave. The majority of these people are coming from the tribal belt of Jharkhand and Behar. Apart from education a few issues are to be addressed as:


a.       Negotiation with the middlemen contractors are to be held.

b.      Duty hours of the brick kiln workers are to be re-scheduled.

c.       A curse of under-age marriage among these workers is to be prevented.

d.       Above all, education (mainly elementary in our case) of these children is the main key to prevent all these anomalies as mentioned above. Migrant children are totally deprived of education due to their seemingly nomadic lives. Unless educational intervention is made a reality for these children the tradition of illiteracy will prevail for generations together.

The following are our achievements as:

  •  150 child labours are receiving education in 4 schools run by us.
  • 6 of those children are admitted to main stream school.
  • All children of ages between 0-14 were being popped up with vitamin A.
  • Immunization covered to those child labour students.
  •  Parents are being convinced about the value of education.

 The issues as referred satisfy the MDG and need to address to reach the goals which we desire to be undertaken.


Women empowerment

 PRAYAS believes that women empowerment is of utmost necessary for a community to develop. In the regions of Jalpaiguri and Howrah where more than two third of women are illiterate, three fourth of women anaemic and their recognition in main work force is marginal, so empowerment is essential to bring them to mainstream. To make realise this

PRAYAS has organized women in SHGs and promotes peer based learning activities for realization of rights and entitlements.

 Awareness drive campaigns were organized to protest against domestic violence. The medium to make them aware on these issues were pamphlet, poster, wall writing. The crux of the awareness campaign is to stop the domestic violence which entails to violence after intoxication of liquor.




Socio economic development is a vital issue of today. In order to strengthen our community a few initiatives are necessary to be undertaken. Locally popular trades along with semi-traditional economic activities are required to make our society self reliant. We are on the way to undertake few suitable activities in near future. Our already undertaken initiatives may be obtained in our success story chapter (please see success story)

Health care support and service

Immunization, iron and folic acid supplementation, and Vitamin A supplementation is being done in collaboration with government service for last two years but the service was not up to the mark. Fortunately we received an opportunity to attach with Vitamin Angels Vitamin A service. We distributed those among 750 children of our locality. This quantity is adequate that help us to continue still stock exist. We covered all kilns of Howrah district. Besides a part of children belong to Bally, Shyampur Block I of Howrah district and Falakata Block of Jalpaiguri district where majority of the beneficiaries are tribal children. This helps children to recover deficiency diseases even we improve rapport with the officials and stakeholders. We gain experience while implementing this project that people know little about vitamin A deficiency and their consequence. We involve local youth clubs, SHGs and organizations with this project. Besides Albendazole tablets are also being distributed from this 2013 this is new addition of Vitamin Angelas.  

 Promoting healthy practices including nutrition education and campaigns against alcohol addiction and other harmful drugs are being conducted regularly. Ante-natal care, including weighing, screening for anemia, and counseling on nutrition.


Providing information on contraceptives and making these available by coordinating with government service.


Each year we organize blood donation camp in cooperation with local youth clubs and blood is being collected by Govt. Hospital.


Persons with disability are helpless and need care and assistance to live in. As a humanitarian ground PRAYAS takes this part of vulnerability as a priority sector and

to find out a solution of this problem it holds  discussion with an NGO NIR Ideal Home for Mentally Retarded & Associated Disability, 24Pargana [North] initially they advised us to undertake a training on visually impaired persons imparted by Blind People’s Association, Ahmedanad for three days at SEVA KENDRA KOLKATA on community based rehabilitation. After training we have started basic duties in pursuance of their guidelines.

Youth Welfare

To take initiative with regard to youth welfare we strengthened ten farmers club and 5 youth club  in our implementing area. The main work of these clubs is to arrange innovative agricultural practices for farmers and linking the clubs with banks.  Twice in a year these farmer clubs used to organize expert meet for capacity building of farmers and for the promotion of Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry.


The members of these clubs are liaisoning with govt. departments and Bankers for providing Kishan Credit Card. Now the members of the clubs are motivating other farmers for adopting SRI technique of paddy cultivation.

 Vocational training

PRAYAS initiated vocational training in Howrah area. Training was imparted on a variety of trades like papad, detergent powder and agarbati making. Knitting and sewing was also taken up. As of now, a total of 74 women are involved in this income earning initiatives and have started earning to contribute to their family income. The training was provided to the women with assistance from SISI, Government of India. PRAYAS is currently providing space for production centre and extends managerial support to the women who are involved from production to marketing.

Games & Sports

The organization encourages youth to practice any kind of games and sports. In order to develop physical capacity these are the indispensible items. Considering the same we pay adequate attention to it.


Natural Resource Management

It is an important programme with which we are involved since 2011. This NRM initiative are being taken care at two areas Howrah and Jalpaiguri district of North Bengal. Mainly preventing pollution and check of resource declining as water and soil are our target area. These are done by way of creating public awareness and forestry management.  


  • In 5 villages 785 saplings/seedlings were planted.
  • Exhibitions, rallies & campaigns conducted.

Cultural Programme

The organization has adequate capability of holding this type of programme among them a few are worthy of mentioning such as celebration of 150th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore.  It is worthy of mentioning that we have been observing “Youth Day” on 12th January each year as a part of celebration of birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda in collaboration with Belari Ram Krishna Mission. It achieved grand success with the participation of large number of students and youth accompanied by eminent personalities.


Awareness, Campaign and Networking

The organization undertakes a number of  awareness generation camps that range from atrocities/molestation  against women to child labor and children’s rights to play and learn, HIV/AIDS and many other locally relevant subjects, aimed at providing right and valuable information to the people. The following camps were organized by PRAYAS during the year under review.

Topic covered

No. of Camp/Workshop



HIV/AIDS Prevention




Malaria Control programme




Road Safety




Disaster preparedness




Consumer Right




Gender equity